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Good things can happen to bad people and bad things can happen to good people. Many times, God appears to be on the side of the enemy. At times, God appears to be a cruel magician, waving His magic wand and moving and modifying everything according to some design that no one can comprehend. It even appears like God is bringing us unneeded pain at times. All of this led me to say “I give up on God” but my friend said to me, “it is good to say you don’t understand God rather than saying you give up on Him.” That sounds delicious!

I mean, how can a good and loving Father subject His children to pain? Why would a kind and loving Father allow evil to exist in the world? Surprisingly, we have no idea how much evil exists or how much God’s might can/does save us from it. Many things we name suffering or evil are not, and many things we label good are not. God is the only one who sees all that happens on Earth, right down to the depths of our hearts. This is why His ways are incomprehensible to us. His ways are not our ways. When He decides to take someone, you care about away from you, it is not because He is evil, but because you cannot see what He sees. When He allows you to go through certain things and you question why? It is not because He wants you to suffer or because He lacks the power to save you; it is because He has seen what you have not seen. Rather than giving up on Him, ask Him to help you understand what He is doing. Do not give up on God; instead, hold on to Him! He is still the only one who can help you comprehend His ways!

Meanwhile, I didn’t and will never give up on God as long as I breathe for He has done me well in every way.

This is just to say we are back from the long break.

Rhoda Ayomiotan Oladejo

Rhoda Ayomiotan Oladejo

Rhoda Ayomiotan is an inspirational writer. She covers different kinds of topics including spirituality, health and wellness, self-development, and more. Dedicated to people who are looking for encouragement to pursue their dreams, Ayomiotan shares positive thoughts and messages with the world as a way of spreading positivity and happiness in the world, to bring more peace, love, happiness, and harmony.


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